Environmental policy | KYOSEI, suppliers of gas and water piping materials, including pipes, valves, and governors

Environmental policy

KYOSEI Corporation formulated its first environmental policy in April 2006. Since then, the Company has continued environmental improvement activities in line with the policy. Our environmental management system underwent certification audit performed by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA), which is an internationally accredited company, and acquired ISO14001 certification on January 1, 2007 (Certification No. YKA 0772949/8). The ongoing environmental policy is as follows:

Environmental policy

Basic principle

With an awareness of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen, the Company proactively contributes to the sustainable development of human society, aiming to protect our precious global environment and to harmoniously coexist with local communities.

Basic policy

We have established the following basic policy for implementing activities to reduce environmental impacts, in the course of the Company’s business operations, such as production and sales of gas and water piping materials, and sales of housing equipment.

  1. Consideration for the natural environment

    In conducting business activities, we are committed to preventing environmental contamination, in consideration of local communities and the natural environment.

    1. We manufacture products in view of life-cycle assessment, while paying attention to preserving natural ecosystems, with recognition of the environmental impacts of our products.
    2. We assess the environmental impacts of our activities in product research and development, design, manufacturing, logistics and so on, in pursuit of environmentally friendly operations.
  2. Compliance with laws and regulations

    We comply with environmental laws and regulations, including international treaties as well as national, regional and local agreements regarding environmental protection. To ensure full compliance, we establish voluntary standards as needed, for better environmental management.

  3. Effective use of resources and energy, and the realization of a recycling-oriented society

    We strive for the effective use of resources and energy, and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

    1. We conduct environmental assessment of our suppliers, and promote active transactions with environmentally-friendly companies, from the perspective of green procurement.
    2. We actively develop and deal with products that lead to reducing environmental impacts.
    3. We actively promote activities for energy- and resource conservation and for waste reduction in the Company.
  4. Promoting environmental-awareness raising activities

    We promote in-house education to encourage employees’ environmental awareness and activities.

  5. Establishing the environmental management system and its continuous improvement

    Under the integrated certification, we expand the application of the Company’s environmental management system to include its branches, sales offices, warehouses and plants as necessary, so as to establish an organically integrated system.
    We also work to continuously improve such a system.

  6. Disseminating and disclosing the environmental policy

    We disclose our environmental activities based on this environmental policy to all our stakeholders, promote active communication with them, thereby establishing a relationship of mutual understanding and cooperation.