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Corporate philosophy

Lifelines Leading to a Prosperous Future
We have always supported—and will continue to support a safe and reliable social infrastructure

Since ancient times, water has been vital for life, and fire has served as the foundation for the evolution of humankind.
KYOSEI Corporation has been working to contribute to the development of energy and water supply infrastructures, as a pioneer of gas and water piping materials, since its founding in 1947.
While meeting social needs arising from the modernization and diversification of our living environments, KYOSEI has constantly and successively developed products required by the times. In so doing, the Company has been providing extensive support for people’s everyday lives, in line with the theme “to be a company that can contribute to society” in the business area of piping materials, an area of limited visibility to the general public.
With life systems requiring greater safety, KYOSEI focuses its efforts on research and development of original products with ever higher quality and value. Our Company aims to harmoniously coexist with society, as a total partner offering the best after-sales service system.

KYOSEI’s Management Philosophy, Management Policy, Quality Policy and Environmental Policy

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Management Philosophy “To Be a Company that Contributes to Society”
Management Policy
  1. The mission of the Company is to “stably provide products that benefit society.”
  2. The responsibility of the Company is to “create a working environment where employees can find their life worth living and achieve their personal growth.”
  3. The objective of the Company is to “continue its healthy development, with integrity, enthusiasm, and originality.”
Quality Policy
  1. It is our mission to develop, produce, and supply products, always from the customer viewpoint, as a manufacturer of lifeline-related products.
  2. Based on ISO9001 requirements, we develop the quality management system that is suited to the Company, and ensure that the system is implemented by all parties involved.
  3. We strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, by conforming to product requirements from customers and by adhering to the relevant requirements, including those necessary under the quality management system.
  4. We set quality targets for the entire Company and for each division. The progress in activities to achieve these targets and the effectiveness of the quality management systems are checked through internal auditing and confirmed by the President, so as to ensure continuous improvement.
Environmental Policy With an awareness of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen, the Company proactively contributes to the sustainable development of human society, aiming to preserve our precious global environment and to harmoniously coexist with local communities.

Quality Assurance System

Quality-assurance loop and responsible divisions in the Company’s quality assurance activities

Quality-assurance loop and responsible divisions in the Company’s quality assurance activities