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For city gas, C-ring lock type

Metal flexible pipe fitting,
outdoor/indoor use TO

Metal flexible pipe fitting, TO (for city gas)

Suitable for gas equipment connection piping.
High safety, protecting comfortable life.

Latest technology incorporated in safety measures. metal flexible pipe fittings enable space-saving piping. In addition, a combination of resin-coated outer surface and protection cover secures high durability, corrosion resistance, and safety.

(Available colors: ivory and gray)

Certified product by Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA)


Outdoor/Indoor use KEEP LONG TO

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NO Part name Material Finishing
1 Nipple SWRCH10 Zinc phosphate coating treatment
2 Tube SUS304 Epoxy resin baking finish (gray)
3 Joint fitting SWRCH10 Zinc phosphate coating treatment
4 C-ring SUS304  
5 O-ring NBR  
6 Cap nut C3604BD Nickel chrome plating
7 Socket C3604BD Nickel chrome plating
8 Protective cover TPE Ivory, gray
Length/ Nominal dia. 15A