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Direct-acting governor, self-opening single valve

KT governor
(Balance-type single valve)

KT governor (Balance-type single valve)


  • Excellent dynamic response, most suitable for industrial gas facilities.

  • Most suitable for the areas that switch to holder pressure supply in the night.

  • Despite single valve, adoption of balance diaphragm enables stable pressure regulation against input pressure variation.

  • Easy maintenance without need for adjustment due to floating type single valve disc.

  • Reduced primary pressure moves the valve to opening direction.


Nominal dia. 50A・80A・100A
Primary pressure Less than 0.3 MPa
Secondary pressure OS type: 1.37 to 4.90 kPa
OSH type: 3.92 to 20.6 kPa
OSH2 type: 20 to 45 kPa
Material Main unit [FCD], and main portion [SUS]