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Governor unit

KY II type governor unit

KY II type governor unit


  • This governor unit is most suitable for dedicated small-flow control.

  • An integrated structure of two-way governor, shut-off valve and angle type filter saves installation space.

  • Unitization reduces cost and work hours.
    (Please use our dedicated template to study pre-installation piping.)

  • Optionally, shut-off valve can be linked with fire and earthquake alarms, thus enabling the governor unit to operate as a multi-purpose function device (WS-TS type).


Unit system W1 type (2-line and 1-shut-off system)
W2 type (2-line and 2-shut-off system)
Connecting diameter In 50A, out 80A

Unit configuration

Governor model KY-OL KY-OM
Governor diameter 50A × 80A (Inlet connection 50A and outlet connection 80A)
Primary pressure Less than 0.3 MPa
Secondary pressure 1.18~4.90kPa 4.41~19.6kPa
Setting range of filter with over pressure shut-off valve (MFV) 1.96~27.5kPa
Setting range of dry-type safety device (KVSR) 0.981~24.5kPa


Type (Model) GHD-W type
Dimensions (Main unit) W 1,100 x D 1,100 x H 1,775 mm
Structure Rectangular cylinder, with front and back doors
Standard paint color Ivory white
Materials Stainless steel