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Emergency shut-off system

Multi-gas emergency shut-off system

Multi-gas emergency shut-off system


  • Electrical portion of shut-off valve has an explosion-proof structure and is compatible with almost all disaster prevention systems.

  • Battery with built-in controller can back up the operation in case of power outage.

  • Optional specification of one controller with two shut-off valves is available.

  • 32 combination systems are available.

  • Lock after shut-off must be manually released.

Main applications

Main applications


Model MEV (Lift type)
Nominal dia. 50A・80A・100A・150A
Operating pressure Less than 1.0 MPa
Adjustable pressure range OPS-L type: 1.96 to 19.6 kPa OPS-H type: 17.7 kPa to 0.785 MPa
UPS-L type: 0.49 to 14.7 kPa UPS-H type: 9.81 kPa to 0.637 MPa
Material Valve: Main unit [FCD], and main portion [SUS]
Actuator: [aluminum]
Scope of system Over pressure shut-off (OPS), under pressure shut-off (UPS), remote shut-off, alarm-linked shut-off (gas leakage, earthquake, and fire alarms)