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Governor unit

Packaged type governor unit

Packaged type governor unit

KA and KT governor units
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Packaged type governor unit


  • Unitization reduces cost and work hours.
    (Please use our dedicated template to study pre-installation piping.)

  • The space needed for excavation is only 2 x 2 meters, requiring only a small space in an urban area.

  • Noise level is reduced by 40 dB at a distance of one meter from the original sound source in the housing.

  • Simple outer design maintains a harmony with surrounding area.


System 2 lines, 1 line (sub side bypass valve, etc.)
[Depending on the combination of equipment used]
Unit connection main pipe portion Inlet side 100A and outlet side 100A (JIS 10K flange)
Using governors KA, KT and KF governors
Governor diameter 50A・80A・100A
Other equipment Filter, safety device, and shut-off valve

Stainless steel housing

Type (Model) Hexagonal cylinder, PHU Rectangular cylinder, QHU
(Main unit)
M type: hexagonal opposite side distance 1,360 x height 2,162 mm
L type: hexagonal opposite side distance 1,560 x height 2,162 mm
Structure Hexagonal cylinder, with front and back doors, fixed type Rectangular cylinder, with three doors
Standard paint color Ivory white