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Governor unit

STG governor unit

STG governor unit


  • This governor unit is most suitable for dedicated small-flow control.

  • Despite single valve, adoption of two-stage pressure reduction system enables stable pressure regulation against input pressure variation.

  • Single valve mechanism enables easy maintenance without need for adjustment.

  • Reduced primary pressure moves the valve to opening direction.


Unit configuration
Unit system 2-line 2-shut-off
Model STG-AL
Connecting diameter 50A x 100A (Inlet pipe diameter x outlet pipe diameter)
Operating pressure 0.3 MPa or higher, Less than 1.0 MPa
Governor pressure range 1.9〜2.8 kPa
Shut-off valve setting range 3.0〜5.8 kPa
Dry-type safety device setting range governor unit 2.45〜4.90 kPa
Type (Model) QHA-W2 type
Dimensions W 1,260 x D 1,100 x H 1,600 mm
Structure Rectangular cylinder, with front and back doors
Standard paint color Ivory white
Materials Aluminum